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We will transform our nation into a nation of builders. We will invest in new and existing technologies that promote and sustain life. No longer will we destroy. We will build individual character and be a leader in the world for life expectancy and happiness.

We will invest in middle class families. Without the middle class, we have no country. I will advocate for a four day work week. We need to spend more time with family, which will help reduce stress.

We will take the country in a different direction with renewable fuel sources such as wind and solar. The United States will no longer be dependent on other countries for energy. We will protect the environment and fight climate change.

I will balance the budget and reduce our national debt.  

We will invest in education and our students will know the truth about our country's history.

I will work to reduce the size of our government, which will save money.  I believe most Americans want our government to be much less involved in our daily lives.