Legalize Cannabis at the federal level.  I will not add any additional taxes on it and will not regulate it.   This will decrease crime, save money and boost the economy.


I want to invest in education.

I will work with state officials to develop ideas on how we can improve education for all Americans.  This investment in education will include more money for teachers.  As a nation, education should always be a top priority.

I want the truth, about our nations history, taught in schools.  

Energy / Environment

We will invest in clean energy which includes wind and solar.  

We will protect the environment.  I want clean air, and water for all children.

Foreign Policy / Military / Veterans

We will use diplomacy to establish peace.  

I want to bring all troops home immediately and end all wars.  We can save billions of dollars, and save countless American lives.  For example, we can close down U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma on Okinawa.

I will do whatever I can to make sure there are no more homeless veterans, and we will offer jobs to all veterans.  

Taxes and Spending

Spending is out of control.  We will lower taxes for the middle class and cut spending.

Truth and Transparency

The American people need more from our government than what the Republican and Democratic parties  have been giving us. I am not talking about handouts, I am talking about  TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY. 

The government should not be keeping secrets from the people!  A new beginning awaits.

Per Executive Order, I will establish a Truth Committee.  This committee will be responsible for getting the American people the truth about everything!