I will strive to drastically cut down on illegal immigration and streamline the legal immigration process.

I would be in favor of a southern border wall but only if we need it.  I do not want a wall if it is for the wrong reasons.

We have already spent billions of dollars on southern border security and as of today, 1/22/19,  our elected officials have closed the government, in a dispute over southern border security.  They have all failed us!

The United States of America welcomes all legal immigrants and asylum seekers who want to come here, work and make a better life for themselves.  They will need to go to a port of entry and not cross illegally.

Crime Prevention and the Community

I want more of our local police departments to get involved with community outreach programs and the ones who are already involved in the programs, I would like to see more of it.
We need our communities to start trusting our police officers again.

I will work with local law enforcement to develop ideas in these areas.


The federal government should not be forcing people to get healthcare.  
Drug prices are out of control.  We can do better.