Note from Bobby


One thing we learned with the election of 2016 is how frustrated and fed up people are with the status quo. Nominating another career politician will not work in 2020. Americans are convinced, more now than ever, that our politicians are corrupt. Americans do not trust their government. The trust is gone. Trump’s victory is a direct result of our disdain toward the federal government. The message that was sent should be loud and clear!

My campaign is about bringing back honor, trust, respect and transparency to the Oval Office. This is more important than any one policy, party or ideology.  Now more than ever, America needs to trust its government again. We will set an example for the rest of the world to follow. We will be honorable, trust worthy, respectable, transparent, and most importantly, we will be leaders! I will demonstrate how the President of the United States should act, and perform his duty.  I will raise the standards in which all elected officials must adhere to.

We the people have the power for real change but real change will not come with the same ole routine from the established Republicans and Democrats.  For decades, they have brought us war and increasing debt.  We deserve better choices.  

Imagine the message we can send if we abandon the duopoly, just one time, unite and vote Bobby Calautti for President.  This one act will forever change how the game is played.  We can take back our government.

I stand with you whether you are a conservative, or liberal and we will be united again.

I am a father, husband, and middle class tax payer.  Without the middle class, we have no country.  It is our time now, the middle class will rise!